CBD molecule

CBD is a wonderful molecule we find in the hemp plant. Hemp is a very powerful herb that has been used for thousands of years to promote health and treat various diseases. Until hemp was banned in 1930, primitive hemp extract was a very common medicine. It was sold in pharmacies and was mainly used for anti-inflammatory treatment. The reason for the ban was the THC content and effects of the as yet unknown psychotropic molecule.

To date, we have been able to break down the hemp plant into molecules and scientifically substantiate parts of it. We have found more than 100 different molecules in hemp, of which CBD or cannabidiol is known to be one of the most important.

CBD in year 2018

Research led to the return of hemp to the pharmaceutical market in 2018, especially on the CBD. This was achieved by the US and UK medicines agencies, which went so far as to publish the first CBD medicine to treat muscle and nerve cramps. (Nowadays we know that hemp was already used by Eastern medicine 3,000 years ago).

In the same year, the World Anti-Doping Agency also authorized the CBD for use by athletes. Michael Phelps, the most successful Olympic athlete of all time, promotes the benefits of the CBD for a faster recovery of an athlete.
There are lots of people all over the world, who have discovered the usage of CBD. The number is increasing.


CBD vs Full Spectrum CBD

CBD is obtained in pure crystal form in the laboratory. Full Spectrum CBD is obtained by the CO2 extraction method, and this extract contains, in addition to the CBD molecule, beneficial particles throughout the plant, including the permitted amount of THC, all of which support the action of CBD. Full Spectrum oil is not approved for use by athletes by the World Anti-Doping Agency, but its possession and use is permitted throughout the * European Union.

Why not hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil, which is obtained by cold pressing from cannabis seeds, unfortunately does not contain any cannabinoids at all, but is simply a useful oil due to its OMEGA-3 fatty acid content.

Why does the CBD molecule make a difference in me?

CBD is a cannabinoid that affects the endocannabinoid system, which controls homeostasis.

It is noteworthy that cannabinoids, which are otherwise unique to the hemp plant, are also produced by our body. And thanks to the research of cannabis, such a capable nervous system was discovered in our body. Therefore, this system also has a name that suggests hemp.

The endocannabinoid system is called the receptor network. This network reaches the various cells and organs in the body and controls the homeostasis of our body.

CBD tasakaal Zen Native

How does Zen Native CBD get into my body?

CBD is absorbed into the body with transport oil. Zen Native uses only the most prized 100% MCT C8 coconut fat molecule, or caprylic triglyceride.

Although CBD is a food supplement in many exemplary countries, our cosmetics are made with the principle of putting on the skin what you eat 😉

MCT is man-made but 100% natural. MCT – Medium Chain Triglycerides are low carbon fatty acids. C6-C12 fatty acids are considered MCTs. The less carbon compounds there are in the oil molecule, the better it is absorbed and processed by the body. All other oils consist mainly of C16 and C18 fatty acid molecules.

Why coconut?

MCTs are still found to a small extent only in oil palm and rapeseed, but coconut already naturally consists of 60% MCTs, of which valuable C8 is on average less than 7%. C8 is not similar to coconut oil.


“The endocannabinoid system is a regulator of many aspects of the body’s function, and abnormalities in its function have been observed in many diseases. This means a promising goal in the development of new therapies, but also that the use of cannabinoids has a very large impact on the body. ”

Estonian Medicines Agency

CBD ja nahaprobleemid

CBD helps with inflammation, anxiety and sleep problems 


One important role of cannabinoids in our body is to suppress inflammation. Figuratively speaking, they ensure that the inflammatory particles remain under control and cease to function once the foreign particle has been removed. When our body’s levels of cannabinoids are low, chronic inflammation, pain, tumors, autoimmune disease, and so on can occur.

Anxiety and sleep problems 

The most common is the use of CBD to calm the nervous system. Anxiety causes sleep problems that cause irritability, emotional eating, and eventually a weakened immune system. CBD is natural symptomatic aid that helps you to achieve physiological balance without narcotic side effects.

CBD helps with pain and relaxes muscles

Many people have only stopped looking for solutions to their pain after discovering CBD oil.

The causes of pain are various. It can occur from cramped internal muscles. CBD soothes and relaxes deeply and the pain can go away. CBD has also been shown to work against neuropathic pain. These are usually chronic pain that results from damage to or dysfunction of the nervous system.

CBD helps prevent the use of traditional therapies: antidepressants and opioids.

Evidence suggests a reduction in pain intensity, an improvement in sleep quality and a reduction in psychological stress.

rõõm ja vaimne turgutus zen native cbd

CBD is a spiritual inducement without side effects

CBD oil supports the hippocampus – the area of ​​the brain that regulates emotions and memory.

One study showed that CBD can reduce anxiety to a level comparable to common medications, but without the negative side effects. In this study, some received CBD and others received antipsychotics. While both treatments reduced patients’ symptoms equally, participants who used CBD experienced far fewer side effects: movement problems, weight gain, and hormonal dysregulation.

Studies have also shown that CBD Full Spectrum can help reduce the feeling of isolation, alleviate the symptoms of autism and reduce the consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Helps to give up addictions.


C-8 molecule

C-8 is an oil molecule found in coconut called caprylic triglyceride. This molecule has only eight carbon compounds. As a result, the body absorbs it very easily with CBD.

Although the skin is primarily an excretor, the C-8 CBD molecule carries the skin through it, reaching the muscles and joints as well.

CBD oil as pure as produced by Zen Native is not known anywhere else in the world!

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Purity at the molecular level

Zen Native has developed its products and been certified by the CBD.

We have created a versatile product line, opened a Tallinn store and wellness salon.

The wellness salon offers healing massages and rejuvenating facial and body treatments with CBD oils.

Oleme loonud mitmekülgse tootesarja, avanud Tallinna poe ja wellness salongi.






Kivisilla 6, Tallinn



(+372) 555 24 424


Open times

Monday – Saturday   

11:00 – 19:00

Sunday closed

CBD on kanepi hea molekul

Kanepil on igasugu sotsiaalseid ja ajaloolisi varjundeid, kuid kanepis on üks molekul, millel on dokumenteeritud suurt kasu. Seda peavad paljud teadlased uue meditsiini tulevikuks. Selle nimi on CBD.

Kui seni on kanepit seostatud pigem tema uimastava poole THC-ga, siis CBD on selle selge peaga vastand. Need kaks on kui Yin ja Yang. CBD ei mõjuta mälu, keskendumist ja koordinatsiooni.
Vaata: Zen Native CBD õli

CBD aitab naha korda, une paremaks, põletiku madalaks, ärevusest lahti ja valude vastu. Saa kanepi eelised, kuid hoia pea selge.

CBD spetsiifiliste eeliste arusaamiseks peame mõistma, kuidas kanep üldiselt töötab.

Kanep sisaldab lisaks CBD-le üle 100 molekuli, mida nimetatakse kõiki kannabinoidideks. Nad kõik suhtlevad meie kehas oleva endokannabinoid süsteemi ehk ECS-ga. Erinevad kannabinoidid ja terpeenid omavad erinevaid toimeid ja pakuvad CBD-le toetavat mõju. 

: Zen Native Full Spectrum CBD õli
Teadlased on leidnud, et CBD parandab ECS funktsioone. See on süsteem, mis reguleerib mitmesuguseid funktsioone: valu, stressiga seotud signaale, põletikku ja immuunsüsteemi.