Experiment | CBD oil helped fight insomnia and relieve stress

Evelyn, 42, often struggled with sleep problems and anxiety until she discovered CBD oil. Evelyn shares her experience in the hope that it will benefit someone else.

I had never used CBD oil, but I heard about it from a friend. At first, I was frightened that it was a prohibited substance, but he explained that it was completely legal – if the THC content is less than 0.2%, it’s perfectly fine to use.

My friend suggested I try it because he knew I’d been suffering from insomnia for years. I often toss and turn in bed until four o’clock and only then manage to fall asleep. It has been so bad a few nights that I haven’t slept at all. I have tried natural sleep drops and melatonin from the pharmacy, but I don’t want to take prescription drugs. So I was happy to give the natural cannabis oil a chance. I chose Zen Native’s 30% CBD oil.

I took two or three drops every night before I went to bed. The smell and taste were relatively neutral and nothing unpleasant. I’ve used sleep drops before, and oh how bitter they were!

I fell asleep quite quickly on the first night, but not as fast as I had secretly hoped. However, I continued to use the CBD oil, and things got better every day. I fell asleep like a baby in a week, and I still can’t believe it! My sleep is calm and deep, and I only wake up when my alarm goes off or even a little earlier because I’m well-rested. In addition, there is no melatonin-like unpleasant morning drowsiness with the oil.

As for the product’s packaging, I like how stylish, discreet, and minimalist it is. The bottle lasts for a long time, but I will definitely buy a new one once I run out. 

What other troubles does CBD oil help with?

CBD is most commonly used to calm the nervous system. Many people struggle with anxiety, which causes sleep disturbances, leading to irritability, emotional eating, and eventually a weakened immune system.

CBD also helps with inflammation and various aches and pains. One of the essential roles of cannabinoids in our body is to fight inflammation. Figuratively speaking, they ensure that the inflammatory particles remain under control. When our body’s levels of cannabinoids are low, we can develop chronic inflammation, pain, tumors, autoimmune disease, and many other ailments.

I recommend everyone with insomnia, stress, or anxiety to give CBD oil a try because it can probably also help you as it helped me.
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